How To Retrain Your Brain

Hey hey , Happy December 4th. So glad you found me and today's blog post is about How To Retrain Your Brain.  It's so important to be able to reset your mindset. Without it , you practically are running around like a dog chasing it's tail. It's impossible to create any kind of success without having the right mindset to go with it. So this is why it's so important to me to share these littel tricks with you.


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How To Retrain Your Brain - 3 Simple Tricks

It goes without saying that without having the proper mindset you will not see the results you want in your life and in your business. This is why you must learn how to retrain your brain. Negativity creeps into our lives and sets us back, whether it be fear, naysayers trampling on our dreams, life interuppting or just our own noise that pushes us away from being where we should be, all because the mindset , the brain isn't connecting all the right dots.

I too, have been there and we all go through this banter with ourselves at some point because we just don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. But ,ya know what , there is that LIGHT.

You are your own LIGHT. You just have to flick on that switch and keep it on at all times. Ignore that nonsense, it's absolutely useless.

SO let me share with you my Top 3 Simple Tricks To Retrain The Brain.

#1 : Journaling

This is my number 1 Tool to Retrain The Brain.

Writing your thoughts has so much POWER, you have to touch the inner core of you in order to get ahead in your life. You need to find where you begin and where you end. Write down all the things you want, the things your need, the things you aspire to be, your goals, your desires ,where you see yourself in 3, 5, 10 years and  your fears ( but don't dwell on this one too long. )

Writing down your fears should be something you vent out , look at it , rip it out and let it go.

The purpose of your journal is to keep your mindset in the positive, so don't get hung up on worrying , on negative thoughts. You want to create a positive happy place for your thoughts and with your journal , gratitude comes into play.

Each night before you go to bed, write 5 things down that you were grateful for in that day.

Start implementing this in your life and watch how life starts to take on a different role, this is the magic of retraining your brain.


This is my first LOVE is READING !

Here are my Favorite Reads : ENJOY !

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Four Hour Work Week  by Tim Ferriss

The Secret Code of Success by Noah St. John

Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

Reading, knowledge are the building blocks of success. WIthout nourishing our brilliant minds we leave it open to nonsense to walk in. Leave the TV alone and step into a world of wonder that lies within the pages of these masterpieces.


So there are some of you who don't like to read and would rather listen to AUDIO !

I feel ya, I prefer reading , but I love Audios while I am working, driving , excercising , cooking or cleaning . It's a perfect way to be able to get some crazy amazing nuggets to filll your mind and soul up with utter inspiration, keep you focused and ready to take on the world.

My New Fave Thing is The Podcasts of iTunes :

Here are My Faves :

Successful Life Mindset

The Chalene Show

Million Dollar Mindset

Love Your Leap

There are a slew of podcasts I love to listen to but those are my fave as of now !

Connecting Your Mind and Soul Are a Fantastic Way To Retrain Your BRAIN !

How To Retrain Your Brain - Make Your OWN Crazy AMAZING Noise !

I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope I showed you a few effective ways on How To Retrain Your Brain.

Truly it's not hard to do, it's starts with a choice , your choice to want more for yourself , to want to live in your place of YES !

You are POSSIBLE and More Than ABLE !

Negativity is bullshit , forgive my French, but it is ! Keep Your Mindset Tight Y'all !

Bottom line is this, " How to retrain your brain " is only 1/2 of it , the truth of all this mindset chatter is that before anything you MUST DECIDE that you want this shift for the better of you.

It's hard I know, sometimes it's hard to get out of our own way, but you know what if we don't , life just passes you by.

2014 is coming to a close and 2015 is ready to open it's doors. How are you going to welcome the New Year ?

With a Positive and Open Mind or one filled with I Can't or I Don't Know's.

Step into a Crazy Amazing Opportunity To Start Living Your Dreams Out Loud and in Living Color and Activate Your Viral Blogging System NOW !

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With Lots of Love  & To Your Success,

Your Success Coach,

Elizabeth Forero - Schoonmaker

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How To Cook Colombian Food : Inspire Your Apetite Series 1

Hey Hey , It's E, so glad you could join me on today's blog post ! You are here because you have been dying to learn how to cook Colombian food, I know trust me , your mouth is probably watering just thinking about it. Latin food is one of the most highly saught after culinary tastes. The beauty of Latin food is that there are so many different countries that you can taste from , but being that I am of Colombian heritage , it's all I know , how to cook my mama's recipes.

CLICK HERE to WATCH THIS Quick Video From Mikenzie and Me :D


How To Cook Colombian Food : Papas Chorreadas ( Colombian Potatoes Drenched in Cheese Sauce )

By now you know that I am going to teach you how to cook Colombian food. You are in for a treat , because as you know that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we mama's are creating our menus, always trying to keep it traditional but yet sometimes trying to keep it new and exciting, introducing new recipes ( I know I do ) try to keep it fun and fabulous each year with a new recipe .

This one is going to truly make you salavate while you are prepping and cooking. 

One of the things I remembered most when my mother cooked is how much joy and LOVE she put into each meal. Watching her CREATE in the kitchen was sheer happiness to me, I watched and I learned ( and truth be told I hated being in the kitchen to actually do the " work " , I was happy just watching and taking in the aromas.

Growing up in a Colombian household was always just vibrant and musical , even while cooking my mother needed her music to be on, it just felt homier , I understand this concept now more so than ever. Cooking my childhood favorite recipes for my husband and children, watching them devour it and asking for thirds is such a compliment , coming from a girl that wanted nothing to do with the kitchen, LOL !!!!

But first , I turn on my Pandora , Tune into My Gypsy Kings Radio and away we go ...

Step into my CUCINA ( Kitchen in Italian - It's COCINA in Spanish ) But I always liked the way it sounded in Italian ... ah ha ha !

Ingredients :

  • Red Potatoes , although Idaho Potatoes will work too ( I have a family of 6 , so I usually make 10 -12 potatoes ) use your discretion on your family size
  • Plum Tomatoes ( 10 -12 ) trust me you want seconds
  • 1 Large Sweet Onion ( this recipe call for scallions which I love, but because they are not in season , I use a sweet onion )
  • 2 Pints of Heavy Cream ( not whipping cream )
  • Salt & Pepper To Taste
  • Garlic Salt To Taste
  • 1/2 lb of Muenster Cheese ( sliced thin )
  • 2-3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil to Coat Pan


Now by no means does this recipe fit into anyone's diet , it's a heavy traditional Colombian side dish that is typically served with what we call an asado ( BBQ ) Steak , Potatoes and Rice , but because it is such a rich dish , it makes for a great Fall Food ( comfort food ) This was and still is my favorite dish , oooofa I just love it soo much, I cannot wait for you all to try it, it's a HUGE hit with my husband and  kids.

FUN FACT : Papas Chorreadas ( Colombian Potatoes Drenched in Cheese Sauce ) - The verb chorrear means to flow or pour - the sauce in this dish is meant to be " drenched " over the potatoes.


  1. Wash and Scrub your potatoes, place in a large pot of boiling salted water. Pierce them with a fork to make sure they are tender, when done , drain and place them to the side.
  2. Finely chop tomatoes and onion , place in a bowl together , you want the flavors to mold into each other.
  3. Add 2 -3 tablespoons of Olive Oil to Skillet , let it get hot and then add your Tomato and Onion ( This is what we call El Gizo ) The sauce .
  4. Add Salt , Pepper and Garlic Powder To Taste , ( I would say if you asked me to measure it , a teaspoon of each )
  5. Saute " El Gizo " till it cooked till tomatoes and onions become fragrant  ( about 5 -10 minutes )
  6. Stir in the heavy cream , ( 1 Pint ) if you feel that it needs more , add half of the other pint. Mix " El Gizo " with the heavy cream till it begins to bubble, quickly add the muenster cheese and fold into the mixture , when cheese is mostly melted , remove from heat and cover the pan.
  7. Lastly, when you are ready to serve, slice your potatoes in slices and pour your cheese sauce over them.

It truly is one of the easiest typical Colombian dishes that I know of , and trust me it makes you loook like you slaved over the kitchen for hours. It's an absolute hit !

I remember back in the days when my mother would whip this up when we had company over, BBQ's , Birthdays, Thanksgiving Dinners, everyone would be begging her for the recipe.

It's just one of those down home feel good yummness I would love to share with the world. It's too good to keep it all to yourself.


How To Cook Colombian Food : Blogging and Your Food Blog

I told you I was going to teach you how to cook Colombian food , didn't I ? Cooking is something that is enjoyable, is something that you can share with others, is something that you can turn into a food blog and is something that you can turn into making money from.

How cool is that ? Starting a food blog has so many perks , I will list a few :

  1.  You get to try new recipes , I mean truthfully you can't write about the same vanilla cupcake recipe twice, mix it up , change it up , take crazy cool pictures.
  2. It forces you to stay up on it, technically you should write a blog post everyday, this makes your content found by google more searchable and the more of you out there in Googleland the better. But if blogging everyday seems too tedious to you or overwhelming , try picking 2-3 days out of the week and designate those days for your blog posts. Make your readers excited to stop by your blog and see what you got cooking in your oven !
  3. Blogging , this makes you the BOSS, you are the CEO of YOU , you can do whatever you want to your blog , with your blog , whatever, this is your home on the internet. This is where you are going to house all your best recipes, how -to- tutorials, fun pictures , live events , if you have products that you sell - write about them in your blog and post your links , there is soooooooo much you can do with a blog. Your Blog is Your KEY to Success !

So you can start a food blog on " how to cook Colombian Food " or how to bake crazy amazing cupcakes, call it whatever you like , the point is that , creating a food blog is literally two clicks away !!!



Do you realize how many Big Wig Companies are BLOGGING, yes everyone and there mother is blogging , wanna know why ? Because they see the VALUE in it.

Look Betty Crocker has a  Blog ====>

Dunkin Donuts Has a Blog ======>

one of my Favorites Chefs has a BLOG :

Nigella Lawson ====>

Quick tidbit before I go :

People don't just BUY from you , they don't, they have to feel like the know , like and trust you. They need to know that #1 , you are REAL person and #2 ,  that you care. Building that trust factor is HUGE in any business. Establishing this with your audience is what is going to separate you from the rest. Some people like to blog and don't put too much time or effort into it.

Then there are people , like you that want to BLOG , the right way and be able to create a living from home just like myself using this AWESOME  blogging system, it's simply amazing how much this has transformed my life and my families and it can too for you.


If you haven't set up your BLOG yet , Let's get you started here ! <==== Click

I look forward in working with you.

To Your Boundless Success,

Your Success Coach,

Elizabeth Forero - Schoonmaker

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Experience  : 21 Day Meditation :

Energy of Attraction


I like many of you have been following Oprah for as long as I can remember. Everything she does creates a magnetic force that you are naturally drawn to , like a moth to a flame.

I just stumbled upon this experience / experiment that Oprah and the infamous Deepak Chopra have created,  inside The Super Women Connection that I am affiliated with.

When I saw that these ladies are going to be chroniciling their journies through this 21 Day Meditation Challenge. So I said I want to do it too.

I Love anything that will push me outward and in return connect me more to my inner self !

It's Truly a magical experience to be able to connect with your inner thoughts , to connect with your inner intention that will in turn connect to your outer results !


“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed.” - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Centering Thought

~ My Life Moves Forward Through Desire ~

Notes :

I honor the universal power of desire !

Change your intention , you change your path !

We Are All ENERGY !

" Human desire is the essential energy of attraction. Our hopes, dreams, wishes, and intentions are the forces that impel our growth and forward motion in life. We will learn that desire is not only basic to everyday life, it is essential to our spiritual evolution as well. It is through desire that we create more love, joy, and vitality. In our meditations together we will experience the source of desire – our true inner self – and begin to desire from that silent awareness. This is the key to manifesting the life you want. "


~ INSERT Video of Day 1 Experience ~





Overall Thoughts :

I was blown away, I adore Oprak to begin with and I have practically read all of Deepak's Books, followed him for the last 10 years , so it is of no surpise to me that this took my breath away, literally.

I love that Oprah opens it up and walks you through what you are going to experience within this meditation, opening your mind up to the possibilities of allowing yourself to connect with the power of you !

Deepak then enters and the shift begins to occur. His melodic voice takes you away to your inner self, softly but surely you arrive to your place of yes, to your inner thoughts and you feel yourself resting , the kind of rest that you can't just feel on your own, unless you are in a deep state of thought, hence why it's called Meditation !

It feels like a time travel in the now to your core thoughts, where you are, where you wnat to be and where you are going ! Meditation is a wonderful way to center yourself and get away from the outside noise, it's a way to become one with you.

I highly reccomend that you take a visit to their site and sign up and start your 21 Day Meditation Experience. It Truly will make you a believer in the POWER of Manifesting Your Desires with The POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS !

Remember This ,

" Like Atrracts Like "

" Thoughts Become Things , Choose The Good One's "


Eecha Shakti Namah

( repeat this to yourself throughout the day when you feel distracted by thoughts, outside noise - repeat that mantra in your thoughts to return to your centering thought )

This is amazing , for me , with my brain going off like fireworks all day, to be able to return to a quiet place, space within my thoughts, this is wonderful !

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Did you know that by keeping an online journal , ie : a BLOG , you can share your gifts with the world ?

Did you know that ?

If you haven't started your Blogging Journey Than I suggest you .....


Start your Creative Journey Now !

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Why Do I Need a Blog ? Let Me Explain !

I have been asked on numerous occasion , Elizabeth , Why Do I Need A Blog ?  And I say always , because it is hands down the most lucrative way to market your business! Let Me Explain ......

First of all , you may ask , What is a Blog ?

According to Google : " a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. "

Way better than having a static website , trust me .....

Why Do I Need a Blog ? Let Me Explain The 6 Ways !

I know that these questions are in your mind, Why Do I Need A Blog , I have so many other things I am doing to add another thing to my plate. Well , Let me tell you this , first off ! If you care about your business, I mean truly LOVE your business you will jump on the blogging bandwagon and start creating content that is going to get your business found and ranked #1 on Google.

I have been on the internet " Blogging " for about 10 years now. I love the simplicity of having my own piece of internet real estate. My Blogs are where I house all my products, services and offers. I love that I can have a blog strictly for my personal stuff , like my own online journal. There are so many amazing things you can do with having your own blog , especially if you have a Viral Blogging System that allows you to make money with it. HUGE PERK !

BLOGGING Isn't Going Anywhere !

Blogging for your Business is the most productive thing you can do for you Business, yes you are reading this correctly. If learn how to BLOG effectively knowing some Key Strategies Like SEO and Social Media Marketing , you can create a very successful Blog that will make you money.

IF YOU are a BUSINESS OWNER you may want to think about BLOGGING :

(1) - CONNECT With Your Customers :

Blogging is the most down to earth way in connecting with your followers, clients, customers to keep them up to date on what is going on within your business. Keep them in-the-know about not only your latest product offerings, but your community as well !


Many businesses gain a large portion of their revenue from blogging and blogging-related activities and you my friend , can take a bite of that blogging pie ! If done right , cha ching baybee, you must understand , that although blogging is not rocket science , there is a formula to blogging effectively and make it profitable ! I can show you how !



Depending on what your business model is , your BLOG is a great vehicle to house all your products, your services , you offers in a way that will not come off as Pitchy, Like ... " Buy Me , Buy Me , Buy Me " ... It comes off more like you are giving your readers VALUE Based Content that they are looking for . No one likes to feel like they are being pitched , but when you give , give , give your knowledge, people will come and want to BUY BUY BUY whatever it is you are promoting !

Blogging gives you the capacity to link your blog and lets say you have an online shop together to get cross traffic , plus by sharing your BLOG on all your Social Media Sites gets more eyeballs on your blog and your products !


(4) Be The Authority , The Expert in Your NICHE

Let me paint the picture for you , when you BLOG about ideas, business advice and news around your business , you demonstrate that you know your business inside and out, YOU stand out as the EXPERT in your Field , giving you the advantage over the next person who isn't leveraging the power of blogging ! Blogging allows you to OFFER FREE information to your readers to help give them insight on a problem solving article that will come in handy for something they are searching for. You hold the answers , therefore, making you the authority in your niche and will create a new follower / customer for life.

(5) KEEPS You SOCIAL on Your Social Media Sites

Please tell me you have your social media sites sets up , on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram ?

A regular blog posting will provide a way to link back to your website from all of your social media pages. So on the days that  you post to your Facebook page or Business Page, you don’t want all of one type of posting. There may be some days you promote your business on your profile.And on other days you can promote your blog, driving people ( traffic ) back to your site.

You can do this with your twitter and instagram pages as well , the spot on your Twitter and Instagram where you can add your clickable link ( add your new latest blog post & tell your following to click on the link in your BIO to check it out ) !

(6) KEEPS You In The NOW !

The more you BLOG the more edge you have ! Blogging daily not only helps you in your writing skills, but it enables you to stay current with your business niche !

Blogging makes you stay on top of your business trends , bringing your readers the latest and greatest within your field and this in turn helps you stay up to date !


Why Do I Need a Blog ? And Believe Me You Do !

I hope this post captured what was needed to express to you the question that was in your mind , Why Do I Need a Blog ? It's truly the easiest way to get found , noticed and adored by your soon to be fans , clients and customers !

The bottome line is this ... If want a prayer in having a successful business on the interent , you need  to stop asking yourself " why do I need a blog " and start now !

I illustrated some of the perks in having your " home " on the web, if you are not blogging , you are literally homeless in your business !

Get started Now and Get Your Home on the Web with Our Viral Blogging System on The Victory Tribe

I look forward in working with you ,

Your Success Coach,

Elizabeth Forero - Schoonmaker

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Magical Monday's - Get Your Entrepreneurial Motivation Back !

Yes yes , I said I it, Get Your Entrepreneurial Motivation Back ! I think all to often , as entrepreneurs or young aspiring entrepreneurs , we all get gung ho about starting a new business venture, we get excited about all the money we are going to make, all the people we are going to help, all the things we plan on doing with that sucess and then, reality sets in and you realize that maybe all those things are fantastic,  BUT , now you really gotta roll up your sleeves and put your elbow grease into your success.

Magical Monday's - Get Your Entrepreneurial Motivation Back !

I have been asked on numerous occasion, how to get your entrepreneurial motivation back from several different business men and women , wondering how I am always to EXCITED to start my monday's , start each week with such enthusiasm ! Well , a lot has to do with my personal make up, what makes me , ME . I happen to be a very driven individual that knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get there. Part 2 of this answer is that I am a part of a Company that I truly ADORE and has a VISION so grand that it ties into my OWN VISION !

When you combine the two , you get what I call an Empower HOUSE ! I I love , LOVE Empower Network. This past weekend I attended, finally one of their events by via a LIVE Stream in Orlando, FL ! They tell you that EVENTS are life changing. They ain't kidding !

My Mind was blown on several different layers of badassness. Leader Upon Leader, spoke their life into us, sharing monsterous value and inspiring us , that hey If I did it , you can do it too :D And that is the bottom line, No one has this magical formula that only makes them be able to create massive amounts of success, they only thing between you or I , is the mindset.

Do you BELIEVE that you can do it ?

I mean , Do You BELIEVE with Every Fiber of your being that you can do it ?

You better BELIEVE you can do it !

I BELIEVE you can do it !

You see what separates the dreamers and the dreamers who do is simply ACTION !

The ACTION steps that you take towards your GOALS ! It's truly not that complicated !

My Mentor Lisa, says Just SHOW up To Your Business.

She's right !

Watching these amazing leaders and David Wood speak his heart into his empower family only sets one thing super clear in my mind , and that is , I am with the perfect company to build my dreams and those of yours.

My BIGGEST Piece of advice I can GIVE YOU to get your Entrepreneurial Motivation Back is this ..

When Your WHY , Makes You CRY !

Go back to the feeling of WHY you started your online home business journey, your business journey or whatever journey you started !

Go back to the REASON , the motivation of WHY you wanted to create this business and what propels you to continue working hard and not giving up.,

My Why's are that of 5 Very Important people in my life !

My children and my husband. They are what wake me everyday to keep pushing , they are what keep me on my path to freedom.

What is your WHY ?

Magical Monday's - Get Your Entrepreneurial Motivation Back !

Your MOTIVATION comes from you. No One else can create this for you. Yeah you can read articles , mindset books, hear peoples stories, but what really gets you is , the power of YOU ! The Power of what you can do do get your Entrepreneurial Motivation Back is simply all your in your mind.

Choose to BE Successful.

Choose that you and your family come first.

Choose that  you deserve all the success in the world ! You were born to thrive not struggle !


I know that I got my " Entrepreneurial Motivation Back " , it took a lil retweaking and a lil redirect in the path to my success 90 Day Journey , but that is what matters, that you keep going , don't allow anything to get in your way and DON'T GIVE UP !

I am excited taking my business to another level !

It's MY TIME , It's Your Time !


It's never too late to start over , you're never too old or too young. All you need is the power of your intention and  your driven attitude to help launch your dreams into reality !

See you on the inside,

Your Success Coach,

Elizabeth Forero - Schoonmaker

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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at:

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